Sword Worlds Confederation

Chaperons Blanc

Sword Worlds Interface Line

Home Port: Joyeuse (1 123 Spinward). Territory: Darrian Sword Worlds and Lunion subsectors.                                        Fleet: 4 Freighters, 8 Far traders, 6 Confederation Liners

Because relations between the Sword Worlds and the lmperium are often strained, the lot of an interface line which trades between the two is often difficult. Chaperons Blancs is a Sword Worlds shipper carrying goods between the lmperium and Darrian, and in the course of business, carrying goods to the markets of the Sword Worlds.


Sword Worlds Subsector- Wide Company

Home Port: Gram (1 223 Spinward). Territory: Sword Worlds                                                                                       Fleet:

Gramstaatsbedrif is a government-owned merchant company which serves all of the Sword Worlds, providing merchant shipping, passenger service, and message express. Being agovernment service in the fiercely independent Sword Worlds in not necessarily an advantage, and private competition and local loyalties make the company's continued profitability dependent primarily on government contracts for mail, government military shipments, and the fact that Gramstaatsbedrif has made interstellar shipping an easy undertaking. The company maintains shipment offices on all of, the Sword Worlds and maintains standard scheduled runs between them; it is often simply easier to use Gramstaatsbedrif than to seek out an independent shipper.

Slephnir Lines

Sword Worlds Interface Line

Home Port:Tyrfing